Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cow Pat Bingo and Family Fun Day Sunday 29 May, 2011 - SAVE THE DATE


You’ve probably heard the word; we will soon be putting on the biggest Gaelscoil fundraiser yet... Cow Pat Bingo! Yes, that’s right cows are involved, so read on to get the “dirt” on this “Cowabunga” event!

The event will be held the afternoon of Sunday 29, May at the Kinsale Rugby club. Currently, there is a committee of parents working hard to get the nuts and bolts of this event in place. But we need your help to make this day a success and to raise a lot of “MOOOLA” for the school. 0k, I promise no more cow expressions!

Now for some details....

Where: Kinsale Rugby Club main pitch, clubhouse, and farm fields nearby

What: BBQ, local musical talent, food vendors, Irish dancing, face painting, bouncy castles, carnival games, Daddy tug-o-war, raffles, and of course Cow Pat Bingo.

Who: The entire community is invited to come out for the day...the more the merrier

Why: To raise “Mooola” for Gaelscoil and to bring the school community together in a fun/social atmosphere.

Cow Pat Bingo is where an area is marked off in a field and divided up into a grid system. Each of these squares are sold off as tickets (please sell as many as possible). Then on the 29th May a number of cows are released into the field and the cows make their droppings. The square where the cow drops is the winning square and you can win excellent prizes detailed on the tickets.

We need your help and we can‘t do it without you.
Each child is expected to sell 6 books of tickets with a maximum of 10 books per family. But you are encouraged to sell as many as possible and there is a prize for the class that sells the most tickets.

All tickets must be returned by 6th May 2011. Any unsold tickets must be returned.

Class Reps
Junior Infants : Susan Farrelly
Senior Infants : Emma O’Callaghan
First Class : Grace Nyhan
Second Class : Judy Dwyer