Monday, 19 September 2011

First Holy Communion 2012 (children in 2nd class)

Dear Parents,

We write to you in connection with arrangements for your child’s First Holy Communion. During the past few years parents and children have taken part in a programme called ‘Do This in Memory.’ The reaction of parents has been very positive. Participation in the programme involves attendance of parents and child at a special monthly Mass. Outside of this, there will be some activities that parents and children may do together in the home. For example, a special newsletter will be given to each family and parents are invited to help their child read this at home.

An information night will be held in the Friary Centre on Monday 26th September at 8.00pm. At the meeting details will be given on the ‘Do This in Memory’ programme. The meeting will take approximately one hour. Details of the Enrolment Mass which will take place at the Vigil Mass on Saturday, 1st October at 6.30pm will also be given.

We look forward to meeting you at the Information Night and in the meantime, you might take note of the date of the Enrollment Mass. If there are any problems with either the meeting or the enrollment Mass, you might contact your child’s class teacher.

With all best wishes,

Yours sincerely,
Canon John K O’Mahony AP
St John the Baptist Church
Parochial House
Carmel Avenue

First Holy Communion Letter from Parish Office