Sunday, 23 October 2011

Reminder: Parents Association Meeting : Monday 24th Oct 2011 8pm

Meeting No: 001-PF
Time: 8pm-9.30pm
Date: Monday 24th Oct 2011
Venue: White Lady
Agenda By: Penny Fowley
Invitees:All Parents

1.0: Introductions and outline role of the parents association
1.1: Review Constitution, Review Roles of Committee

2.0: Communication how we should, when we should etc.
2.1: Muinteoir Sinead to provide wish list

3.0: Discuss Fund raiser at White Lady for kids Christmas Party

4.0: Safety - particularly in regard to access to the School – footpaths (or lack off)

5.0: Garda Clearance for parents for supervision type fund raiser at the school

6.0: Select a date and venue for the next social event

7.0: Select a date and time for next PA Meeting.

8.0: Any other Business