Friday, 23 March 2012

Earth Hour - Saturday 31st March- Kinsale Event

Dear Schools,     
Earth Hour 2012 is nearly upon us and another chance to be part of a huge global movement to spread meaningful awareness about climate change and the difference you and I can make.

Following the success of last year’s event when over 300 people came to partake in releasing 100 sky lanterns from James Fort accompanied by fire dancers and drummers during the 'Earth Hour' of darkness, this year Transition Towns, Kinsale is producinga candlelit concert of acoustic music in the 800 year old St Multose Church, Kinsale. This will be a family event and we are inviting children to come up to the stage and be part of the closing song of the concert. The concert will start at 7.45pm and we will be powering off at 8.00pm. For the hour music, singing and dancing will all be in candle light only.

Earth Hour Kinsale 2011:
The part children can make is to decorate an old jam jar using ordinary paints mixed with some PVC glue attaching feathers, ribbons, sequins etc to their own design. They can then bring this jam jar to the concert if they are attending and we will provide a tealight which will be lit and placed up on the stage when the children join the singers. If they can't attend the concert then we would invite them to take the jar home and ask their parents to light it between 8.30 and 9.30pm on Saturday 31st March. In doing this they will be joining in with over 135 countries and terratories, 5251 cities and towns, reaching 1.8 billion people, in the world's largest voluntary action for the environment.

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To go ‘beyond the hour’ we are also inviting children to make a pledge e.g. turn the light off in their bedroom when they are not there; walk to school one day a week if this feasible; plant something to eat in their garden or a herb for their kitchen window. These written pledges will be placed in our ‘beyond the hour’ box when the children come up to light their tea lights. Some more ideas to ‘powerdown’ can be found in the attachment.

Last year Gurraneasig N.S. went beyond the hour and made a committment to adopt an endangered species through the World Wildlife Fund every year. Through the PA they organised a 'Wear it Bright Day' when the children could come into school in their brightest clothes with an old jam jar to decorate, and a suggested donation of 2 euro. The children greeted the idea with so much enthusiasm that they managed to raise enough money to adopt two endangered animals. The children then held a vote with ballot boxes to choose the animals they were going to adopt, and a Giant Panda and a Bengal Tiger won. The school now intends to use it as a learning resource for teaching environmental awareness. This year they are doing it all again on Friday 30th March.

Perhaps your school could do the same or something similar. So start collecting your jam jars!

Do please join us for what is set to be another magical event.

Liz Creed and Karla Crowley
On behalf of Transition Town Kinsale