Monday, 26 March 2012

World Autism Day, Monday 2nd April

Ón Independent:
Cork football star, Bantry Blues' Graham Canty has rowed in behind Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland's efforts to turn Cork blue on World Autism Day on Monday 2 April. Blue is the official colour of autism.
The Mallow based national charity asks people right across Cork city and county to show their support by dying their hair, wearing blue shoes, wigs, nail polish or clothes on World Autism Day to raise awareness and understanding of autism. 
Graham Canty said, "I have my blue colours nailed to the mast 365 days a year, but why not join me for just €1 for one day and support AADI in the process. Each donation to AADI will make a huge difference to autistic children and their families".
"We hope that people will follow Graham's footsteps and get in touch and to tell us how they themselves, their organisation or school are turning blue and supporting autism awareness in the process," said Breeda Clancy, AADI Director of Fundraising.
AADI was established 2 years ago and has so far made a huge difference to the lives of many autistic children in Dublin, Offaly, Tipperary, Galway and Cork. "We train dogs, mainly Labradors or Golden retrievers, as assistance dogs to help autistic children break down the barriers preventing them from interacting with society. The effects a dog can have on a child and their family life is truly amazing, but it costs €15,000 per dog, between food, training and veterinary costs," said AADI training service manager Nuala Geraghty.
AADI are looking for volunteers to take part in marathons in Cork, Limerick, Dublin and elsewhere around the country or undertake other fundraising drives for the charity, which is not Government funded.
Local radio station C103 is also supporting the efforts to turning Cork blue for World Autism Day, with on air promotions running in the lead up to the day. You can register your efforts to turn Cork blue at or by calling 022-43851. You can join AADI on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @autismdogsirl.