Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fwd: Do you know someone who'd appreciate fresh hand-grown Kinsale organic vegetables for €15 a week

Hi there, I wonder if you can help a special local enterprise....

You may have heard of  Kinsale Green Growers , created from nothing over the last 3 years, by Aimi Pinder. One of life's amazing and committed people, following her studies at Kinsale College.

She supplies 50 local families with a weekly bag of delicious, organic, freshly harvested vegetables for 30 weeks of the year, without any grants, loans, subsidies or other help. (I lie, she has a 43 year old tractor !)

As the harvest kicks off in 3 weeks from now, she needs 5 more customers to make sure the wages for the team of 2 can be sustained through to 2013.

So, if you know anyone who values this kind of enterprise....and just loves great food (including melons this year !!).....please pass this link on  and ask your friends to make a quick decision.

It's less €15 a week, with home delivery if you need it....I've done it for 2's just the best..... you are even invited to go see the harvest as it grows, and learn why its so good.

Thanks a million,

Alan Clayton

Mobile +353 87 221 9266
Skype Alan.Clayton101

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