Saturday, 8 September 2012

Le French Club

It's back to school for Le French Club. Our new term starts Friday 28th of September 2012 in our Scoil.
As you may already know, there's evidence that children learn languages more easily in the early years because their brains are so feverishly making new neural connections. They can literally hear all the unique sounds of a foreign tongue better than a teenager or an adult.

The best way for your child to learn a language now is through conversation with a native speaker, games and songs. Your child is also far more likely to retain the second language if continuously exposed to it as he grows. Some research shows there may be a brain-connection boost, even if your child never becomes fluent.

Our aim is to give children a very strong grounding in Language, culture & heritage. Through fascinating, inspiring activities your child will absorb a foreign language in a natural, fun effective way.
For more information see attached document.

Le French Club Poster