Wednesday, 19 June 2013

BIAP Naí Shóisearacha

A thuistí, 
Chuaigh na tuairiscí scoile amach sna málaí scoile inniú. Theastaigh uaim míniú ghairid a thabhairt ar an BIAP. Belfield Infant Assessment Profile. Féachann an BIAP ar gach gné do dhul chun chinn do pháiste agus an aidhm atá ann ná laigeachtaí a aimsiú. Tá miniú air thíos. Súil agam go bhfuil an BIAP níos soléire daoibh anois.

The school reports went home today in the children's school bags. I wanted to give a brief explanation on what a BIAP is. Belfield Infant Assessment Profile. The BIAP looks at specific aspects of your child's progress and aims to identify weaknesses in those areas. There are 4 sections.
1. Perceptual processes -  Child's auditory and visual perception -his ability to receive and make sense of information coming through hearing and vision.
2. Motor Development -Child's physical or motor co-ordination as manifested in his/her large (gross) or small (fine) body movements.
3. Early Learning styles -Evaluating the child's typical ways of approaching learning tasks or his/her characteristic responses to the learning situation.
4. Language and Communication -Child's understanding of the spoken word, the clarity of their speech, the extensiveness of their vocabulary and the accuracy of their sentence structure.
The tasks are carried out over a number of days and the results tallied. I gave your child's actual score and the average score for their age. 
We will use the children's profiles to identify weaknesses (if any) and strengths in order to continue to provide your child with the most suitable education to cater to their specific needs. I hope this gives more clarity on the BIAP.