Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Tuistí páistí don Chéad Comaoineach/Parents of Children for First Holy Communion

Dear Parents,

The next 'Do This in Memory' Mass will take place on Saturday 3rd May 2014, at 6.30pm. This will be the final Mass of your child's preparation before their First Holy Communion. Fr. Dermot Brennan will celebrate this Mass, as the Priests of the Parish are unavailable due to other commitments on the day.

On this occasion, we would like the children to remain with their parents for the gospel and homily. Fr. Brennan will invite the children and their parents to say the prayer before Communion while they remain in their seats. Then after Communion, the Priest will invite the children to the altar to recite together the prayer after Communion.

To assist Fr. Brennan with his workload, it would be helpful if the children could present themselves to the Ministers of the Eucharist nearest to them for the blessing at Communion time.

Please remind your child to collect their copy of the Grapevine at the Altar after the final hymn.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Fr. Robert Young
Parent Representatives Group