Friday, 21 November 2014

Meabhrúcháin Rang 2 - An Chéad Chomaoineach / 2nd Class - First Holy Communion

Meabhrúcháin faoi seo (oíche amárach) / Reminder about this (tomorrow evening Saturday 22nd November 2014 )

Dear Fellow Parents,

The next 'Do this in Memory' Mass is on Saturday 22nd November 2014 at 6.30pm in the Parish Church.

The children should bring a fallen leaf to Mass with them, in memory of someone who has died.

If parents would like someone in the community to pray for their child until their Holy Communion, have your child make and decorate a name badge and it will be placed in a basket at the back of the church.

Read the Gospel reading (Matthew 25:31-46) in the last Grapevine Newsletter, it is the one that will be read at the Mass.

Encourage your child to colour page 43 in their Thumb Book.

Again, encourage your child to learn the responses at Mass.

·Pray and do the actions of the Sign of the Cross.
·Priest: The Lord be with you.  Response: And with your Spirit.
·At the end of the Readings the response is: Thanks be to God.
·At the end of the Gospel, response: Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ (Page 32 of Thumb Book)

It would be good to arrive 10 minutes before Mass starts and to sit up near the front of the Church. The children need to bring the Thumb Book.
Thank you for your cooperation.
The Parents Group.