Monday, 12 January 2015

Litir ón tSiúr Genevieve

This note is to remind you that Migrant Sunday is iminent:
This year it falls on Sunday 18th of January 2015 – next Sunday.  We are inviting the children who are not native to Ireland, to make a picture of the flag of their native country – on A4 page, to be folded over to A5 size, with the picture of the flag on the A5 side.  Someone from the group will call to collect them on Friday next – 16th of January 2015.  They will be displayed in the Church that weekend, to remind people of the diversity in our community.  It is an opportunity to show our appreciation of their presence among us, and to celebrate their heritage.
We also invite anyone who wishes, to come to Mass, dressed in the colours of their country.
Last year a lot of people remarked on the cards,  and wondered at the variety of nationalities among us.   We really are a Church of many Nations !!!
Thank you, again for your cooperation.  I wish you all a very blessed year ahead.
Sr. Genevieve.