Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tuistí Rang 2-6 / Parents of 2nd to 6th Class

We started knitting last Friday (24.04.2015) with the children from 2nd to 6th class.   2nd class are busy making their tin whistle holders, they are welcome to start on the squares for the “blankets of hope” once they have the holders finished
We have asked the children to cast on 20 stitches and to knit 20 rows. They should end up with a square that’s between 10cm and 11 cm. We will then join them all together to make the blankets which we will give to the charities for children undergoing chemo. The more squares the better so if you would like to dig out the knitting needles and get knitting please do and send the square in with your child to school.

We will be back again on Friday (24.04.2015) to make further progress we hope.. please do encourage your children to bring the knitting home and do a line or 2 in the evening and also bring into school so that they can do if they have any free time.

The wool shop in Kinsale has 6 sets of needles left if you haven’t got needles. Please remind you child to bring the knitting in on Friday.

Grace Crowley