Saturday, 5 February 2011

Notification of Parents Association Meeting Wednesday 9th Feb at 8pm


There will be a Parents Association Committee Meeting held at the school next Wednesday 9th Feb at 8pm.

At this meeting we intend to discuss the upcoming Cow Pat Bingo Event. This Event was run for the last year and it was a very successful and rewarding event for the Gaelscoil.

We would like this event to go ahead again this year but in order for this to be possible we really need the support of the parents. There is a lot of work involved in an event of this nature. For example we need people in a variety of roles; such as advertising, (organising tickets, signs,flyers etc;) entertainment (games, contests, PA system); food vendors and general organisation for the day.

A detailed list will be posted at Hilda’s office and in the corridor of the new building. We would like parents to look at this list and sign-up for an area that they would like to be involved in. We are aware that not all parents will have the opportunity to see this list before Wed 9th Feb. If this is the case and you are interested please contact Miriam.

Ideally 3 representatives from each class would ensure enough pairs of hands resulting in a manageable workload for all.

Please get involved; any contribution is welcome and necessary if A) this event is to go ahead and B) be a success.

Contributions from fundraising events helps fund the schools operational expenses, school books, classroom supplies etc

Best regards,

Yvonne (Secretary)