Friday, 18 November 2011

Archaeological excavations at Caherduggan Nov 2011

Exciting new Archaeological finds under investigation at Caherduggan
on the R581 road between Doneraile and  Newtwopothouse
Dear Principal,
Good afternoon. I am e-mailing you to inform your school about exciting new Archaeological finds under investigation at Caherduggan, near Doneraile.  Headland Archaeological Company, on behalf of Cork County Council, have discovered exciting new archaeological evidence of a medieval settlement and castle at Caherduggan. This work is being carried out in advance of road realignment.
A team of experienced archaeologist are working on the site at the moment and making exciting new discoveries about the past. These archaeological investigations will continue until mid December.
Headland Archaeological Company has a blog, The Big Dig, on their investigations at Caherduggan. Your school can join them on the web at:
This blog provides a wonderful opportunity for the students to share with the archaeologist the excitement of uncovering the hidden secrets of medieval Caherduggan. This is a rare opportunity to gain an understanding how archaeologist work. The blog will be regularly updated with details of new finds, photographs, news, stories etc.
It is encouraged that the blog be used in tandem with some of the lessons in the resource pack 'Archaeology in the Classroom – Its about time' such as Excavation in a box and the Timeline; the follow up pack 'Time in Transition'  provides a useful power point presentation on the Development of Castles; The Big Dig and the Post Excavation (what happens after the excavation). Both these resources are now available on the web at
To locate archaeological monuments in your area look at and for heritage buildings
I am hoping that The Big Dig blog will provide interesting and exciting educational material for you and your students. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries, my contact details are listed below. I would welcome an opportunity to call to the school at some stage to see how the students and teachers get on with the blog and discuss the educational value of the project. A hard copy of this letter is been send to you in the post today. Please forward e-mail to class teachers and anyone who is interested in local heritage. Also I would very much appreciate acknowledgement of  receipt of this e-mail.
Is mise le meas,
Mary Sleeman
Heritage Unit
Planning Department
County Hall