Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Hi everyone,


I just wanted to let you all know that we are launching a new website called Kater4Kidz that helps   Even if this is not of interest to you, please forward onto anyone that you think may be interested.   

At Kater4Kidz our goal is to make your life easier by removing the worry of getting healthy food into your kids.

Do you open the fridge every morning or evening saying to yourself "What am I going to feed them today?"  Parent know what is good for their kids but getting them to eat it isn't always easy. 

K4K came about to provide parents with a ready-to-go package of nutritious and child-friendly meals that will ensure their child has a well balanced diet. The website is full of information about kids nutrition and using food to improve health and\or alleviate the symptoms of childhood health conditions like eczema, hayfever, ADHD, obesity etc.

Have you often spent hours trawling the web for advice and come away with an abundance of  information but no solution?  Kater4Kidz provides the solution. We give you the information and practical solutions to alleviate the symptoms of various childhood conditions.  The Kater4Kidz format allows you to input common health conditions your child may have, foods that they dislike and then generates a monthly or weekly meal planner using child tested recipes.

With Kater4Kidz you will get :


  • Nutritious recipes that you kids will love
  • A weekly or monthly meal plan with recipes using foods that can help improve childhood health conditions
  • A wealth of recipes that are quick and easy to make and can be used for dinner or in the lunchbox the following day
  • The facility to ask advice from our qualified nutritionist
  • Regular articles explaining kids health conditions and which foods can help to improve them.


And all of this for only €10/$15 subscription fee.  For more information, visit www.kater4kidz.com.





Catherine Kenneally, Dip NT,


Waterford & Cork,


Tel: 086 084 6815