Friday, 2 March 2012

Mia Farrow supports urgent Appeal for the Children of Sahel

While Spring is upon us and we are all looking forward to the longer days ahead, please spare a thought for the one million children of Sahel in Sub-Saharan Africa who have very little to look forward to. Parents are helpless in protecting their children from starvation as the region of West and Central Africa has been ravished by crop failures and inadequate rain.

UNICEF is on the frontline working tirelessly to respond to this growing emergency, but we need your help to save these children's lives.

The biggest challenge is providing sufficient amounts of ready-to-use therapeutic foods to children as the need increases in the coming months. UNICEF is at the forefront of this struggle.

Please help us in any way you can by either donating on-line today or organizing your own fundraising event to support these vulnerable children.

Click here for more information.