Monday, 18 June 2012

Summer Piano Lessons

Hi!  There is a Voice coach/Piano teacher from the United States in town for the summer and is looking to give lessons if possible to children in the Kinsale area.  He is currently working on his doctoral degree in Music at the University of Oklahoma.  He has quite a lot of piano performing experience (mostly collaborative) in both classical and popular styles, as well as much experience in church music.  VocalIy, he have been involved as a principal in some two dozen operatic productions, and a handful of musicals; He has also served as coach and musical director for several musical theater productions.  He has been teaching piano (and later, voice) for the last ten years, and feels comfortable with most any age and most styles of music.

I was hoping I could somehow let students and parents know that there are music lessons available for the summer.  His contact information is:

Jonathan Murphy

Thanks so much!