Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Adopt a School

26th September 2012

Dear Parents,

We are looking for parents to contact the companies they work for to see if they will sign up for the 'Adopt a School' scheme.

In short what the scheme can offer (but not limited to is)
-Providing some software development classes to interested students
-Providing some software/hardware troubleshooting classes to interested students
-Donating some useful IT equipment, new or re-configured
-Providing some necessary IT support

This is a great opportunity for the school to help with IT training, equipment etc.
Full details are available in the following link:

To ensure we do not contact Companies more than once, can you please forward on the name of the company to and we will remove them from our mailing list. On the 5th of October we will be mailing companies looking for their support so if you can forward on any company names before this date it would be much appreciated.

N.B. Eli Lilly have agreed to supply the school with some PC's so please do not contact them.