Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mutually beneficial fundraiser with Special Olympics

Dear Primary School
2012 has been a challenging time for fundraising at Special Olympics, as I'm sure it has been in your school. We are delighted to inform you of an innovative way for your school to raise essential funds through a mutually beneficial fundraising initiative with Special Olympics.
In conjunction with Coin Collection International (CCI), we have developed a fundraising event called the "Old Currency Collection." We believe that there is a substantial amount of old Irish coins/and or foreign currency in homes across the country. This "Old Currency Collection" will allow Special Olympics to collect these old Irish and foreign currencies, including sterling and euros.
We have partnered with Rotary Ireland and Ulster Bank on this initiative.
CCI have been engaged to collect money from all Ulster Banks and then to sort and count the currencies. CCI will be charging a commission for this service which is estimated to be approximately 15%. The remaining money will then be split 40% to your club and 60% to Special Olympics Ireland.
How to get involved:
1.      Register for the campaign by telephoning Siobhan on 021 4977192 or by logging on to our website www.specialolympics.ie/coincampaign.
2.      We will provide you with a collection pack containing posters, coin collection bags and bank security bags. You can give these to your pupils, family members and place in local shops etc. to get everyone in your area involved with you.
3.      Organise a day or week in October for your group to collect old Irish, foreign, euro and sterling currencies. When you have collected all of the money from your school, place all notes and coin into your coded bag (included in pack) and drop your bag of coins into your local Ulster Bank by 31st October 2012.
4.      Electronic payment (based on the 40%/60% split) will be made to your bank account by the end of February 2013.
We need your help on this project to ensure its success and think that this could have great fundraising potential for schools. We hope that you are interested in participating and look forward to working with those that register to get involved. If you require any more information I will be delighted to answer any questions you may have. Please see poster with information below.