Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Tuismitheoirí Rang 2 / Parents of 2nd Class

Dear Parents,

Our October ‘Do this in Memory’ Mass will be held on:

Sunday, 25th  October 2015 at 10:00 AM, for Dunderrow and the Gaelscoil.

The focus this month will be to help the children know how to participate fully in Mass.
I will explain the symbolism of some of the objects and gestures that the children will see at Mass. For example, it may help the children to understand why I wear an Alb and that we sit when it is time to listen, we stand when we want to profess our faith, and we kneel when we speak directly to God or for our own quiet reflection.

Continuing this theme, it would be ideal if parents could sit next to the children during Mass. Mirroring their parents, the children gain the confidence to join in the prayers and hymns. Remember to bring the THUMB book to help the children follow the prayers. I would also ask you to remind children to be mindful that many other parishioners attend our ‘Do this in Memory’ Masses and that we must be respectful of their prayer.

As the month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary, I would like each child to bring rosary beads with them to be blessed and learn how to say a decade of the rosary. Perhaps ask a grandparent or godparent if they would like to gift a set of rosary beads to your child.

November is synonymous with remembering our dead, so the children might like to keep a memorial card in their sacred space. This can either be a memorial card that is already at home or they can create memorial card of their own.

At the end of Mass, the parent representatives from each school will distribute the October Grapevine Newsletter. Please ask your child to line up:

- By the musicians, for Dunderrow, and
- By the Baptismal Font, for the Gaelscoil.

I hope that you find the Grapevine Newsletter useful as you and your child prepare for their First Eucharist.

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Robert and the Parents Coordinating Group

PS: Note from the WebTeam - All "Do this in Memory" Mass dates and times are posted online on the school calendar.