Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Rang a 1 - Graffiti Theatre Company

Beidh dráma spraoiúil de chuid Mike Kenny, Dorchadas Draíochta, á léiriú ag Graffiti Theatre Company do Rang a 1 i halla na scoile ar an Luan an 18/04/16 (a play for rang a 1 in school hall.) Dráma a fhéachann ar an athrú a thagann ar an gnáth-rud faoi scáth an dorchadais. €1 an páiste le bhur dtoil.

‘Each night Maman leaves the children tucked up in bed and goes to work in a café across the street. By moonlight the children listen to the sounds from the fairground. What if they went to explore? What if they solved the mystery behind the Ghost Train? What if they found out more than they bargained for . . . ?